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Hi, Y'all!


My name is Zahra and I've been wanting to create my own blog for a really long time now because I feel like I have so much to share with the world! Now that I am a newlywed, on my own and about to turn the big 3-0, 😩 I’d thought I’d share my life to make adulting semi-easier for the rest of you! Growing up as a Muslim, born and raised in Texas, and the youngest of three meant I got to experience and learn A LOT! My family was a great influence in me creating this blog because they’ve always felt I have a lot of knowledge to share with the world. Whenever there was anything that needed to be done, advice to be given, or plans to be made my ENTIRE family would say, “Ask Zahra, she’ll know what to do.” 🙋🏻‍♀️

I literally research EVERYTHING, but  here are just a few things I LOVE: 

Iced Coffee•New Age Products•Crafts•DIYs• Beauty•Travel•Food•Kids•Teaching

By all means I do not have it all figured out, but I’m excited to share my journey as a 29ish year old and show y’all the positive side of life despite all the negativity out there.

Happiness always,



Educator • Lifetime Researcher • Muslim • Texan

Fam Jam
My Husband and I on our Wedding Day! 
One of My Favorite Pictures of Us 
My Family!
Tulips - my fave.
The Hooda Ladies

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